Friday, January 14, 2011

A Letter to Friday

Greetings, Friday.

I trust you have been well. I've missed you.

You will be the last Friday I will ever see in my 25th year. We generally get along, you and I, so I hope you can give me one last epic hurrah before I turn 26. I'm trusting you, Friday. Don't let me down.

Your sister, Thursday, was not kind to me. Not in the least. Except in the area of crochet. I made this:

Yeah. That's Splatz. Splaz the cat. He is most assuredly maimed, if not deceased. At least he's friendly in his state of "maybe alive, maybe dead". This is probably due to the fact that he's unconscious, but I digress.

Thursday was a very very bad girl. You should talk to your father, Sunday, and have her straighted out immediately. "What did she do?", you ask? What didn't she do?! She hurt me badly. Let's just say she aided me in the construction of my iron-clad heart box. I'm pretty sure she buried the key too.

Bad Thursday. Very very bad.

How are your brothers Monday and Tuesday? How about sister Wednesday? I trust they are all well.

I am looking forward to your sweet, kind face, Friday. Tell your mother, Saturday, that I miss her and I shall see her soon!

Much love,


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