Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to Deal With A Stalker...Maybe

This is not to say that EVERY GUY who talks to you is a stalker. If you know them personally and hang out with them: Not a stalker (hopefully). The "stalker" title belongs to the ones that you have little or no personal contact with. (I don't want ALL guys to think "Omg. I did that one thing one time. I'm a stalker." Not true.) If it's unwelcome and seems obsessive, miiiiight be stalkery.

Q&A 2!!

I love how tired I am in this. And how my left eye doesn't want to stay open...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

First Rule of Blog Club...

Yesterday, I violated the number one rule of blogging (as made up by me and Libby).


Don't worry. I just wrote it out, but I didn't publish it.

I poured my heart and soul into this entry. I poured and poured and poured til there was nothing left...

...And then I read it and realized that it made no sense. (Not a shock.)

So I deleted it, feeling better having just typed out all my feelings.

Today is going to be a good and highly UNemotional day. Why? BECAUSE I GET TO HANG OUT WITH ALL MY PEEPS TONIGHT!!! (Kristin, Libby, Ryan, Doug, Staci, Adam, Justin, and Bill.)

Such a good day. I drew flowers.

Monday, July 25, 2011

PAR to the TAY!


I don't have enough words for what transpired yesterday.

It was truly one of THE best days of my life... and I almost chickened out of it!

Saturday evening, we dined in Salina with Doug and Staci (of Cinco de Mayo and Mustache Night fame) and on the way back home, they invited us to POND PARTY 2011!!!

My first instinct was to scour the recesses of my mind for an excuse not to go. (It's like a survival instinct or something.)

I found none. Way to go, brain.

So I was committed to going to a party. A party that was soooo much cooler than a party I should be at. (Insecurities. I has them.)

My saving grace was that Bill was going to ride with us.

Bill squirmed out of the deal at the last minute, leaving US for a car with a better deal.

BILL is our resident hipster cool looking guy. Dangit.

"I don't know if I want to go...", I told Kristin.

She somehow talked me back on track and I remembered Libby's command to go find some cute boys.

Here are a few pictures I took while trying to be goofy, distract myself, and not freak out. (Kristin's cool as a cucumber.)

Let me just tell you. Upon our arrival, I discovered that I had never felt so out of place at a gathering IN. MY. LIFE.

I kept having to give myself a pep talk "I'm here for Doug and Adam. I'm here for Doug and Adam. I'm here for........... the car is a short jog away...... DANGIT, I'M HERE FOR DOUG AND ADAM!!!"

We found Staci and tagged along with her. We went into the living room and found a good seat and watched the boys set up.

I sent Libby a text:

< ME >: I am not hip enough for this party. At all.

Libby, being ever so smart and reassuring, sent me this reply:

< Libby >: You are you. That is all you can bring and that is enough.

Well, OK then! PAR to the TAY!!!

Let me just tell you, all my apprehension was misplaced. I have never had so much fun going partially deaf IN MY WHOLE LIFE!!!

There's something overwhelmingly beautiful about being surrounded by a bunch of hot, sweaty, strangers. You're strangers in that moment, yet so close at the same time. You're all united in something. Whether that means you're brought together by the music, the love of the people you're there to support, the sweat, the beer, what have you. In that moment, you're like a giant family.

I tried to take a few pictures, but they sucked. (If anyone got any decent ones, let me know, I'd like to upload them.)

But as I was standing on a bench in a stranger's living room, moving to the music, praying that the bench would hold us all up, I told myself not to get upset by the failure to document the moment, JUST LIVE IT.

I had never been to a show like that.
I had never sweat so much in public.
And I had CERTAINLY never been moved enough to MOVE to anything in my LIFE!!!

I was sweaty, gross, and I probably looked way out of place, but I was able to let go last night. And I have a long legs guy (Doug), a sweaty Mexican (Adam), a Californian (Staci) and a girl that I just used to know from the bank (Kristin) to thank for that.

Have a glorious Monday, everyone!!!

BTW, broke diet to eat one of THESE babies last night. Mmmmm. Fruity Pebbles on a donut. What felicity!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011


Where we have a spazzy night of cooking! Just another normal night in our house! (I wasn't REALLY that grossed out by mushing the meat, just to get that clear.)


Daniel B.
Elaine R.
Nathan Walters (formerly of Plus One.)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oh. Mye.

Ok, ladies (and some gents). Today, I found my new favorite website.




(It's obviously. ALSO, I didnae realize my tank top was so low. Oops.)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This is What Happens When I'm Bored

Whoa. Way to go, YouTube. That screencap makes me look like I have a highly contagious skin disease... Ku-dos.

More Adventures!!

Some of you may not know this, but I've got connections.

Ok, not really, but my friend Libby is in the vision industry and she lets me try on frames. Kristin came along for the fun times last night. Here's what we found! (Do try not be jealous of our extreme hottness, K? K.)

Yes, please!

Whoa. Kristin! Those beautiful frames really bring out the red in your newly-Lasiked eyes. (Is Lasiked a thing?) Look out Sally Jesse Raphael! (Or however you spell that.)

DUDE! Can we get a "2 for 1" discount on these babies?

Wait. I actually like these.

Uh oh. I might have to take these lil guys home! (When I become "un-poor".)

That's all for this edition! Stay classy, Kansas!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Being Poor is FREE!!!

Cordy is the best co-host.

(2:45pm) Edited to add: I think that meat really was bad. I just threw it up. :(

Monday, July 18, 2011

By Request

Thanks, Ryan!

(Also, Daniel! You were right! I DOOOO sometimes get a southern accent. Whaaaa?)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Lasik Day!!!

Today is July 15th!!! We all know what that means!!!

It's my ex-husband's 31st birthday!!! KRISTIN IS HAVING HER LASIK SURGERY TODAY!!!

Happy Lasik Day to you!
Happy Lasik Day to you!
Happy Lasik Day, dear Kristin!
Happy Lasik Day to you!!!

Don't worry, technology has improved. They don't use scissors anymore...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Listen Close"

(My friends are named Archie and Josette. I made them when I was a senior in high school.)

"Listen Close" by Maylene and the Sons of Disaster

It's been awhile and a million miles
Since I've seen the sun shine on your face
A long time coming but now I'm runnin' back home
Southern pines and neon signs and every backroad between the two
Out of sight don't mean out of mind to me

Carry on this way
I'm singin' to you from somewhere tonight am I getting through?
(Is it getting through?)
I choke on every word and it never comes out right
This would be so much easier standing next to you

I didn't know what I was lookin' for
But I found it when I took your hand
The cheshire smile still cuts me down to the bone
Preacher says it's for rich or poor
We see a lot of the latter of two
I've been gone so long I'm afraid I might be losin' you

Carry on this way
I'm singin' to you from somewhere tonight am I getting through?
(Is it getting through?)
I choke on every word and it never comes out right
This would be so much easier standing next to you

Sneak Peak


I went shopping.

I procured a hat.

It will be used in a future vlog.

Just. You. Wait.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In Which I Attempt to be Serious

Also, my Mother would add this to the video: "God thinks you're worth it!" (Which is true, but obviously on the 12th try, a few things skipped my mind. My bad!)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Do This

(Now, I know you guys are thinking that I'm ripping off Daily Grace with this one, but this video was born out of genuine frustration and DG didn't actually change it, she just talked about it. Also, bravo, Youtube. Great screencap.)


Can we talk about how I have 11 followers now?

I have 11 followers.


I decided to type a blog today because Kristin canny watch my INCREDIBLE videos at work, and she doesn't watch them when she arrives at the homestead, so if I want my roommate to gather any information from my blog, I have to ACTUALLY TYPE it.

Le sigh.

All of that to say that I don't have anything to say. I am going to be recording a video this evening because it is about something important and I believe it will be life changing for a few of you.

Two things before I go:

1) I have a DailyBooth! The web address is very complicated. Brace yourselves. Are you ready?

Yeah. Mind blowing stuff!

2) Dustin (my new co-worker) is watching "Old Gregg" on his computer and it's very distracting. I'm getting no blogging done!!!

So, I lied. It's actually THREE things.

3) The door at work is really squeaky. I've had about several heart attacks today.

Approximately 2.


Monday, July 11, 2011

How to be Sick

Note: I have a stomach bug. I am NOT perioding. I don't know why I wrote "Blood". There's no blood involved here. No bleeding.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Three things about this video:

1) Libby FINALLY gets the credit she deserves.
2) If you're thinking "Whoa. Katie. You're looking rough.", it's called COMFORTABLE. Also, it was 110 degrees today. Excuses, I has them.
3) I figured out better lighting, I think.

Additional thing:

4) I don't drink very often, and if you feel the need to get on to me for drinking last night, do not feel that need any more. My parents already scowled at me for it. Being 26 FTW!!!

Thought for the Day...

"It's God we are answerable to—all the way from life to death and everything in between—not each other. That's why Jesus lived and died and then lived again: so that he could be our Master across the entire range of life and death, and free us from the petty tyrannies of each other.

So where does that leave you when you criticize a brother? And where does that leave you when you condescend to a sister? I'd say it leaves you looking pretty silly—or worse. Eventually, we're all going to end up kneeling side by side in the place of judgment, facing God. Your critical and condescending ways aren't going to improve your position there one bit. Read it for yourself in Scripture:

"As I live and breathe," God says,
"every knee will bow before me;
Every tongue will tell the honest truth
that I and only I am God."

So tend to your knitting. You've got your hands full just taking care of your own life before God.

Forget about deciding what's right for each other. Here's what you need to be concerned about: that you don't get in the way of someone else, making life more difficult than it already is."

Romans 14: 9-13 (The Message)

I know I'm guilty. How about you? We need to start extending grace to each other. You expect grace, don't you? Don't expect grace if you aren't willing to extend it.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dirt Roads

Sometimes, we grow up. Our friends grow up. Our family grows up or moves away.

Sometimes, things just aren't like they used to be.

Sometimes, you find yourself parked on a dirt road, all alone, watching fireworks all across the horizon though puffy eyes while Guster's "Hang On" plays on your car stereo.

And sometimes you try to pray but the only words that will come out are "I hurt."

And that is perfectly OK.

Just because things aren't how they used to be, it doesn't make them any less significant or less real or even LESS GOOD for that matter.

Watching fireworks light up the whole sky as far as your eyes can see is a magical thing. Not having someone to share them with is perfectly OK. Crying is OK. Doing something that you've never done is before is more than OK.

Sometimes, we need to stop holding onto things so tightly and start forging our own paths and traditions.

The fires of change are sometimes unpleasant, but they are what refine us.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Videos. I Make Them Nao.



Hey everybody! It's Friday, and you know what that means!!!


(Actually you didn't know that because this is the FIRST. ONE. EVER.)

Also, I like how I address "everybody" like I have 50 readers or something. I have like...3. And I love them very much! *Kate Face*

Today, I was driving home from my Mom and Dad's, and I had the brilliant idea for pro/con Friday. I was (surprise surprise) deciding the pros and cons of being a singleton. (I HATE that word.)

Mom and I drove to OKC yesterday to see some of our oldest and dearest BFFs. I was informed that my BFF (and the maid of honor that one time I got weddinged) Laura is about to get ENGAGED!!!


Of course, all the wedding talk reminded me why an elopement may be in my future and seeing her and her intended together made my heart melt into a sloppy puddle of goo.


Of course, as ANY girl will tell you, being single and looking at wedding plans makes you think thoughts. Thoughts that normally would make you think "Are you insane?"

I just scored my freedom and I'm wanting another relationship? What?

So, now, my list of pros and cons of being single.


You can fart. A lot. You don't have to worry about grossing out another human being. If your tummy hurts, let it rip. Your dog, cat, or other small animal is NOT GOING TO CARE.


If you are farting because you're really really sick, you're on your own.


You can sleep on the WHOLE bed. You're not going to kick anyone. Sleep in a jumping jack pose. Make your best attempt at being a stunt person. Do you want to sleep with your leg at a 90 degree angle? GO FOR IT.


It's REALLY REALLY cold and lonely and sad sleeping alone.


Your dog can sleep with you. Or, as in Cordy's case, on top of you.


You have a dog sleeping on you.




You don't have anyone to maintain your looks for, therefore you can get kinda crazy... and not in a good way. Looking in the mirror and saying to yourself "You look like Jabba the Hutt" is never a good feeling.

There are so many other pros and cons, but they all involve sleeping and food, which is probably a good indication of why I am still single...

If you're coupled up, GREAT! I AM SOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU! (You know who you are.) I'm gonna keep flying the single flag for just a little while longer. Who's flying with me?