Monday, July 25, 2011

PAR to the TAY!


I don't have enough words for what transpired yesterday.

It was truly one of THE best days of my life... and I almost chickened out of it!

Saturday evening, we dined in Salina with Doug and Staci (of Cinco de Mayo and Mustache Night fame) and on the way back home, they invited us to POND PARTY 2011!!!

My first instinct was to scour the recesses of my mind for an excuse not to go. (It's like a survival instinct or something.)

I found none. Way to go, brain.

So I was committed to going to a party. A party that was soooo much cooler than a party I should be at. (Insecurities. I has them.)

My saving grace was that Bill was going to ride with us.

Bill squirmed out of the deal at the last minute, leaving US for a car with a better deal.

BILL is our resident hipster cool looking guy. Dangit.

"I don't know if I want to go...", I told Kristin.

She somehow talked me back on track and I remembered Libby's command to go find some cute boys.

Here are a few pictures I took while trying to be goofy, distract myself, and not freak out. (Kristin's cool as a cucumber.)

Let me just tell you. Upon our arrival, I discovered that I had never felt so out of place at a gathering IN. MY. LIFE.

I kept having to give myself a pep talk "I'm here for Doug and Adam. I'm here for Doug and Adam. I'm here for........... the car is a short jog away...... DANGIT, I'M HERE FOR DOUG AND ADAM!!!"

We found Staci and tagged along with her. We went into the living room and found a good seat and watched the boys set up.

I sent Libby a text:

< ME >: I am not hip enough for this party. At all.

Libby, being ever so smart and reassuring, sent me this reply:

< Libby >: You are you. That is all you can bring and that is enough.

Well, OK then! PAR to the TAY!!!

Let me just tell you, all my apprehension was misplaced. I have never had so much fun going partially deaf IN MY WHOLE LIFE!!!

There's something overwhelmingly beautiful about being surrounded by a bunch of hot, sweaty, strangers. You're strangers in that moment, yet so close at the same time. You're all united in something. Whether that means you're brought together by the music, the love of the people you're there to support, the sweat, the beer, what have you. In that moment, you're like a giant family.

I tried to take a few pictures, but they sucked. (If anyone got any decent ones, let me know, I'd like to upload them.)

But as I was standing on a bench in a stranger's living room, moving to the music, praying that the bench would hold us all up, I told myself not to get upset by the failure to document the moment, JUST LIVE IT.

I had never been to a show like that.
I had never sweat so much in public.
And I had CERTAINLY never been moved enough to MOVE to anything in my LIFE!!!

I was sweaty, gross, and I probably looked way out of place, but I was able to let go last night. And I have a long legs guy (Doug), a sweaty Mexican (Adam), a Californian (Staci) and a girl that I just used to know from the bank (Kristin) to thank for that.

Have a glorious Monday, everyone!!!

BTW, broke diet to eat one of THESE babies last night. Mmmmm. Fruity Pebbles on a donut. What felicity!!!


  1. Letting go is SUCh a wonderful feeling. I forget this sometimes. This is a nice reminder that what's scary is also often liberating. :)

  2. ....and this is why i make music.

    so glad you came!

  3. I'm so happy you came. I love hanging out with you Katie! :) :)

  4. Yes, I'm so cool and cucumbery that I thought maybe I should pick my nose...

  5. Who the heck was driving this vehicle?! Frankly you're lucky you made it there at all.


    And let go. Let go. Let go. Get overwhelmed and unfamiliar. I can't say you'll never regret it. But I can say that you'll like it for at least a little while.

  6. Yooooouuuu're awesome!! Thought you should know that. Also, everyone who was there showing us so much love and having so much fun was what made the night so incredible.