Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dirt Roads

Sometimes, we grow up. Our friends grow up. Our family grows up or moves away.

Sometimes, things just aren't like they used to be.

Sometimes, you find yourself parked on a dirt road, all alone, watching fireworks all across the horizon though puffy eyes while Guster's "Hang On" plays on your car stereo.

And sometimes you try to pray but the only words that will come out are "I hurt."

And that is perfectly OK.

Just because things aren't how they used to be, it doesn't make them any less significant or less real or even LESS GOOD for that matter.

Watching fireworks light up the whole sky as far as your eyes can see is a magical thing. Not having someone to share them with is perfectly OK. Crying is OK. Doing something that you've never done is before is more than OK.

Sometimes, we need to stop holding onto things so tightly and start forging our own paths and traditions.

The fires of change are sometimes unpleasant, but they are what refine us.

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