Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to Deal With A Stalker...Maybe

This is not to say that EVERY GUY who talks to you is a stalker. If you know them personally and hang out with them: Not a stalker (hopefully). The "stalker" title belongs to the ones that you have little or no personal contact with. (I don't want ALL guys to think "Omg. I did that one thing one time. I'm a stalker." Not true.) If it's unwelcome and seems obsessive, miiiiight be stalkery.


  1. "Sometimes it works out..." = "Sometimes you'll wear her down and she'll give up."

    Also we learned in this video that Katie's not good at bluntness but she IS good at finding rocks that are big enough to shield a person. Which is NOT an unacceptable quality to have.

  2. Well, what I meant by "Sometimes it works out..." was that my Mom has told me before "You Dad came after me like a stalker. He creeped me out!". I should've elaborated on that point, but it was late. Also, my Dad wasn't a creeper, he just sent her cards and flowers. He said "I saw what I wanted, and I set out to get it. I knew she was the one." and my Mom wasn't TOTALLY uninterested. He was the older brother of her best friend, so they actually knew each other personally. 1979. It was a simpler time...