Thursday, April 14, 2011

Um... Yeah. That just happened.

Liz and I went to Applebees for lunch today. We sat in the lovely Miss Ashlie Eubanks' section. (For realz, if y'all go there, ask for her section. And tip her well. I'm a fan.)

As we were sitting there talking, I looked up and noticed this guy at the bar kept looking at me while he was drinking his beer. He was a Harley guy. You know the type.

You know how sometimes there are girls who are all "OMG, that guy is soooooooo looking at me." and you're like "Um... no. They are not." This was not one of those cases. Every time I looked up, he was just hardcore STARING at me.

Aunt Cathy came out of the kitchen and came over to talk to us and I was like "Seriously. That one guy. He keeps staring at me." Ashlie goes "Every time you come in here, SOMEONE'S creepin'." So we laughed and continued on. Ashlie and Cathy both went back to work and Liz and I got to eatin'.

A few minutes later, we heard "Excuse me, ladies?"

All I remember is just saying "Well, thank you!" a couple of times.

What's the appropriate response to that?

"I wish you were younger, clean shaven, and not so starey." or how about "Are you sure it's not the BEER talking?"

I turned to Liz after he left and said "Is my face as red as my hair?". She assured me it was not.

I'm taking it as a compliment, not a random creepfest. YAY FOR RANDOM COMPLIMENTS!!!

Ok, sorry I wrote two blogs today.

As you were.


  1. Katie, haven't you heard? 48 is the new 30. :)

  2. You should have tried to sell him a phone!!!