Thursday, April 7, 2011

Adventures in Positivity!!!

Positivity? Did I spell that right? I can't spell check in the title. I'ma go with it. Living on the EDGE!

Positive things that Katie learned while talking to God and driving at 2 am this morning. (Why was I driving around at 2 am? Not important to the plot.)

1) I say I'm not ____________ <--- fill in blank, but I sure act like it sometimes. (e.g. "I say I'm not a dodo bird, but I sure act like it sometimes.")

2) Even though #1 is true, God still loves me and doesn't hold it against me.

3) If I want to attain __________, I must first either learn to _________ or stop being __________. (e.g. "If i want to attain bacon, I must first either learn to drive to the store, or stop being a meat eater." That's a terrible example. It has nothing to do with what I'm talking about. But bacon sounded like a good idea at the time.)

4) Even though #3 doesn't really make any sense, God still loves me and doesn't hold it against me.

5) There are lots of bumps in the road, but the important thing is to not pull over. Keep going and by ALLLLLLL means, do NOT turn around.

6) I need to learn to respect myself before I can expect anyone else to respect me.

7) God still loves me, even when I'm being a HUGE dodo bird.

Yeah. Think that's not cohesive? YOU'RE CORRECT!!! It's not. It was 2 am. I mean, seriously. Sometimes y'all expect waaay too much from me.

And THAT brings us up to date (kinda).

I woke up feeling better, and drove home to McPherson. One of my favorite times to be in this dinky little town is when it rains. And what was waiting over the refinery for me as I hit 14th Ave?


It was big, and dark, and I loved it. I named it Hermangarde, which isn't a name at all. It was so big and so dark that it made the trees look really pretty and really green. I had an overwhelming urge to pull over right then and there and lay down in my neighbor's yard and look up at their tree. I didn't.

I didn't want them to think I pulled over to die in their front yard.

I came home and dropped the extra dog in the kitchen. Whoa. Maybe I need to back up a bit here. I am dogsitting for my parents this weekend so they can go to Branson for their 31st Anniversary. (YAAAY for being married FOREVER!) I dropped Ellie off in the kitchen, and went downstairs to take a shower.

I sent a text to Ryan (that one dude I work with) and I told him I'd be a little late. He said "Would you like to just come in at 10?"

Yes. Yes I would.

So, I showered and then went to let Ellie out.

Have I mentioned the dogs don't like each other? Let me rephrase. Ellie LOVES Cordy. (Ellie is a baby dog still and is very enthusiastic.) Cordy would love Ellie if she was at a 2, instead of a 10 ALL of the times. Ellie gets into everything. She makes me yell sometimes.


And then Cordy's all worried about her weekend.

I got the CRAZY idea to watch a movie before work. Kristin and I rented "Paper Heart" the other day, and we hadn't watched it yet. So I threw it in real quick. (I <3 Michael Cera.) It is a highly informative movie. Lemme just tell you that. I kinda got sucked in and then I remembered the dogs. Well, I was always aware of them. I mean seriously, Ellie was getting downright interactive. She was all "Hey, Charlyne Yi!":

Cordy was being the opposite of interactive. In fact, she was in the pouty chair.

And THAT was approx. 10 minutes ago. So, NOW we're up to date. And you all wanted to know all of that.

I'm going to get ready for work now. I am going to remain positive. I am going to enjoy this rain and quite probably go for a walk in it later, because I. LOVE. RAIN.

Happy Thursday(?) Everybody!!! Stay posi.


  1. Ok, the "This is my 'I'm worried about the weekend' face" face is SO ADORABLE!


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