Monday, April 25, 2011

Short & Sweet

I had SUCH a good weekend.

Sooo good that I would call it delicious. Sooo good that if I had to pick one time of my life to relive over and over and over again, I'd probably choose the time between 6:45 Friday evening through 3:45 this morning.

That's right. It was THAT GOOD.

...Even though I am soooo paying for it at the moment as I only got about 3 hours of sleep last night (this morning?) and my eyelids weigh about two metric tons.

That being said, I haven't really got a blog planned for today, but I have a couple of drawings I'd promised to a couple of people.

So here they are!

This one's for Liz...because it happened again at breakfast on Thursday. She was a very nice lady. We definitely giggled after we left. Not in an "Omg, that lady was crazy!" way, but in a "REALLY? Second week in a row? What's up with that?" way.

And this one is for Ryan and Libby...because we totally saw this in the WalMart parking lot on Wednesday night. (I can't even draw it. I mean, it was breathtaking.)

And then this one is for fun. This is Mosey and he belongs to my friends Doug and Staci. I saw this picture on Staci's Facebook and I just HAD to doodle on it.

It makes me giggle.

Ok. I'ma go find a place to curl up and nap where "Work Ryan" won't find me...

(Just kidding.)


  1. That lady was definitely rockin that mullet with the utmost confidence. Carpe mullet, I say!