Monday, April 11, 2011



This weekend was interesting to say the least.

My parents were on vacation. Ellie and I had the house to ourselves. It was awesome.

The interestingness started when Fren called me around 11:45ish. His check engine light came on, so I went all "BEST FREN TTR!!!" (to the rescue) and went and picked him up so we could hang out and do laundry at my parents house all day.

It was actually fun. The house looked like a jungle because of all the shirts hanging to dry in all the doorways. (You had to duck into whatever room you needed to go to.)

As soon as Fren and I got back from a "hanger run" to Dillons (who knew we'd need so many?), my phone rang. It was Kristin and she was reporting to me that there was a water line break in our basement (a.k.a. my living quarters) and that she was moving Cordy and herself to her parents house since we were going to have no water.

Kristin told me that my stuff is ok, so that's good I guess. (I haven't been home to see what's up yet. I'm kinda scared.)

I drew this picture last night, and guess who messed it up... (I'll give you a clue. It wasn't Ellie...)

I woke up this morning and since I remembered there was no water at my house, I decided to take a bath in Mom and Dad's GARGANTUAN JACUZZI TUB!!!!

I've always loved a good bath. Ever since I was a little kid, water has been my happy place. (But only pools and bathtubs. Natural bodies of water kinda creep me out.)

I just laid in the tub, let the jets do their work, listened to some Snow Patrol, and took pictures.

My feet are my favorite body part. It's random, but true.

My parent's bathroom is like a Victorian garden oasis. Mom has it decorated very nicely. The only giveaway that you AREN'T in a time machine? The Arm & Hammer Clean Shower bottle that's perched on the south side of the tub.

Here I am bracing myself for an Ellie attack. She kept trying to jump in the tub.

Another clue you're not in a Victorian garden? Taco Bell cup. But they probably had raspberry tea back then...

I soaked and soaked and soaked. I turned all pruney.

I listened to this song.

It was perfect.

So perfect, that I listened to it all the way home as well.

I think I'm going to leave work and go find a random field to lay in. Who's with me?

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