Friday, April 8, 2011


Katie is suffering from lack of fried foods. Can you tell? (Ok, now that's not 100% accurate. I had some onion rings while hanging out with Fren Wednesday night... but other than that, I've had nothing for awhile.)

Do you ever just have those days where it seems like there's a bunch of little gnomes running around just TRYING to make you have a bad day? Today's been one of those, but here's the kicker:


I like to imagine that they look like this: (No actual animals were injured in the making of this drawing.)

For example, the gnomes made all this happen so far:

I fell out of my bed first thing this morning. It was one of those "fall out of bed, then bounce back up and look around to make sure nobody saw it" falls. But then I got sad because no one DID see it. Because I'm sure it was pretty cool and funny looking. (Actually, I take that back. Cordy saw it. She gave me a 9.5.)

After the room stopped spinning, I got in the shower. Pandora was playing some great music and I was dancing around and not really paying attention (which is a feat in my shower, lemme tell ya) and when I went to get some conditioner, the last precious drops of it landed on the shower floor with a splat.

I like to refer to it as "the splat heard round the world".

I didn't get mad. I did say "Really?" out loud, but it was more of a "stop being stupid and you won't have to go conditioner shopping" really.

After my shower, I noticed a huge zit located on chin #1. I didn't get upset.

I just put some coverup on it.

All of these little things added up. More things happened, but you know what? I didn't care.

I am in a happy mood. TAKE THAT, GNOMES!

AND I GET TO SEE MY RYAN AND LIBBY TONIGHT!!!!!! (My Justin, Kristin, and Bill are being party poopers and going out of town this weekend! Foo on y'all! (j/k) It's gonna be kick awesome!)

I might even get some fatty food in me! Happy Friday!

P.S. I love Keane. I've been listening to them all foggy morning. They are the quintesential "any mood/any weather" music.

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