Friday, April 29, 2011

"Beauty" Post!

So, my friend Libby Parker did a post about applying makeup this one time. It inspired me to A) put some effort into my personal appearance after 26 years and B) do this post.

My friend Annie is a photographer and she has a senior shoot coming up. She didn't know what to do for it, so she called her trusty guinea pig. (Me.)

We went out and took some cute pictures Tuesday night, but we decided to go out yesterday to the Dillon Nature Center in Hutchinson and take a few more. I decided to get all fancy for this one.

I took temporary loss of my senses and decided to do my hair. I mean, PROPERLY DO my hair. (First, a prayer was said because I was going to wear my Easter dress and I wanted to look pretty. You can't look pretty with crap hair. Just sayin.)

Let's go on a photographic/instructional journey, shall we? Let's shall!


First off, let's start with a clean slate. That's a good idea. I'm not convinced that I like my clean slate state. (As depicted in the picture.)

Don't put a pick, comb, or brush through your hair. Just gently comb through it with your fingers. (It's hard to do that and take a picture at the same time.)

Put some mousse in your hair and scrunch. (It's gonna be sticky and gross, but it's a good thing. You need that. Did I mention that It's gross though?)

This is me feeling gross about my hair.

Next, blow dry. I love my blowdryer. :)

(No. Really. I love it.)

It's really hard to blow dry your hair, take a picture, and look pretty. I got 2 out of 3. I can't complain.

Dry it until it's only a LITTLE damp and you look like a crazy person.

Then put some of this stuff in it. (It smells like SKITTLES!!!!)

It'll make the ends kind of crunchy, but again, this is a desirable effect for this 'do.

I decided to do something "dramatic" with my eye makeup. I always see girls with eyeliner and I think "Wow. They look cool and adult and pretty. I should be pretty and adult looking sometime." What better time to do it than when I'm having PICTURES TAKEN???

I looked like a raccoon.

I tried to be okay with it. (This is my "I'm trying to be ok with this" face.)

After I decided "I am NOT okay with this." and wiped off the majority of the eyeliner, I grabbed random sections of my hair, twisted it, and pinned it in place with bobby pins.

I was pretty pleased with the results, and that doesn't happen very often!

Here are a couple of pictures from the shoot. Once more get posted, I'll share them. (Would ya just look at that hair?)

I mean, I don't look as good as THIS Catherine...

...But this Katherine can keep trying! :P

Happy Royal Wedding Friday, everyone!!!

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