Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Morning

So... I heard this song as I was busting my butt to get to Wichita this morning. I was searching for some suitable music and I swear every station was playing Natasha Bedingfield. I call this scenario "The Wichita Curse" because I promise EVERY TIME I'm driving and I need some good music, EVERY STATION is all "TAKE ME AWWWWAAAAAAYYYYY! TO A SECRET PLAAAAACEE" (or however that crap song goes).

I flipped over to T95, and I thought "If Natasha is on THIS station, surely the end is nigh."

Fortunately for me, it was not Natasha I heard, but a sweet sweet twang followed by the sweet sweet gravely voice of Mr. Shaun Morgan. Ahhhh. Seether.

When I separated from that one guy I used to be married to, I saw the error of my ways and gave up pretty much all the music I was into while we were married. I noticed that it just didn't produce a good attitude in me, and I didn't need that in my life.

But I didn't give up Seether. I still heart them.

I hadn't heard them in awhile. Apparently, they have a new song and I really liked it. So I looked it up when I got to Mom and Dad's. Not only is it a delicious song, it has a delicious video.

It's like Saturday morning westerns and Saturday morning cartoons all rolled into one, methinks. And it ACTUALLY IS Saturday morning!

Awesome sauce.

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