Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Tale of Sleepy Katie

This morning wasn't going so well. It was fine when I went to bed, but then I had to wake up.

I was Sleepy Katie.

And Sleepy Katie wanted ONE THING. A warm shower.

Sleepy Katie got a very non-warm shower.

So Sleepy Katie started bargaining. "Please! I won't do ______ for a WEEK if I can just get ONE DROP of hot water! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!"

Sleepy Katie was once again disappointed. Instead, Sleepy Katie started praying that the shampoo would wash out of her hair.

It finally did, but Sleepy Katie was now cold, wet, and Unhappy Katie.

Unhappy Katie decided to move on and do her makeup. She got tinted moisturizer in her hair.

Saturday was speeding down the dangerous road of "YOUR WHOLE DAY IS GOING TO BE THIS BAD!!!"

Unhappy Katie washed what moisturizer she could out of her hair with more cold water.

Then, just as she was about to start yelling and screaming and punching things, Unhappy Katie heard Genesis come on the radio!!!

(I apologize for the cheesiness of that video. It was the only one!)

Phil Collins told Unhappy Katie that she was taking it all too hard. (Yay Phil!)

Unhappy Katie turned that frown upside down (avoiding the sink and shower at all costs) and became HAPPY KATIE!!!

She decided to see if she'd lost any weight so she stepped on the scale, thus putting her new found happiness in almost certain peril!



Now Happy Katie is at work and bored out of her mind, but she gets to go to Wichita to see her family and Fren this weekend, so it's all good.


The End.

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