Tuesday, February 22, 2011



See? Told you.

Why am I suddenly Wonder Woman, you ask?

I was on Skype until approximately 1:40 am
Got up at 7:35
Got ready
Let Cordy out and kenneled her up
Put on my shoes
Packed up my computer
Dashed out to my car
Accidentally called Fren
CORRECTLY called Mom
Drove out to Walmart
Did my grocery shopping like a maniac
Loaded the groceries into my car
Drove BACK home
Put the groceries in the fridge/freezer
Dashed BACK to my car
Drove to work
Opened the office at 8:55

I ALL THAT and Ryan didn't even show up to work until 9:10. The boys I work with are less than prompt.

Call me crazy, but I just love mornings where I feel like I've accomplished something instead of just getting out of bed and getting to work. I didn't allow myself any pity parties this morning. I just don't know where those come from! Haha.

Go read Isaiah 43. It's good for you.

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