Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stir Crazy!!!

First off, our villain of the week (Kristin, you're welcome.):

Second off, my story for the day:

I was talking to my bestest Fren in the whole wide world last night (til 2 in the AM to be exact) and he challenged me. The good thing about challenges from Fren are that they will be rewarding. The bad thing about challenges from Fren is that they're HARD!

Last night, he said something to the effect that I post too much on Facebook and he challenged me to not link my blog to my Facebook for a week. I'm taking it a bit farther. I'm not posting ANYTHING on Facebook for a week.

At first, this was my face:

His reasoning behind it was sound, but hard to deal with nontheless. A) I need to stop thinking everyone's interested in what's going on in my life. B) I'll see who my REAL friends are, i.e. who's actually interested?

I even changed the wallpaper on my phone to remind me "No Facebook until February 15th!"

I woke up hopeful... then I realized it's snowed a million trillion inches and I'm stuck at work with nothing to do. It's going something like this:

(That's my snow day hair.)

(That's my "WHAT THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW?!?!" face.)

On one hand, I'm excited to see what comes from this experiment. On the other hand, I'm scared. On a borrowed from someone else hand, I AM addicted to Facebook, so I need to stop being addicted.

So yeah. If you need something from me this week, text or email me. If you actually want to know what's going on in my life, check the blog (provided you remember the address...) and if you're just talking to me because you want to get to my roommate, bugger off.

This video isn't as random as it seems...


  1. I'm interested, and I follow your blog on my Google Reader feed, so I won't miss a beat ;)
    We should have another movie night sometime!

  2. Staci, how sweet of you. :) And yes, we DO need to have another movie night! Because they're AWESOME!!!

    Kristin, it's not your fault that some boys are stupid. :P

  3. I also have you posted on my favorites, so I shall be reading your blog everyday. I should text you sometimes too... because I like texting, and I like you.

  4. You like me?!?!?!? How sweet of you! XD