Saturday, February 12, 2011

Internet Radio HATES Me

Ok. Rough night, blabbity blu, woke up from ANOTHER good dream. Pissed. (That should bring you up to speed.)

Subject of last night's dream? Johnny Rzeznik. Not current "too much work done" Johnny Rzeznik. PROPER, drool-worthy, old-school Johnny Rzeznik. I don't know how these guys are getting into my dreams, but A) Thank you, God! B) I'm starting to think I should stay in bed all the time. C) IF YOU WAKE ME UP, PREPARE TO FACE CERTAIN PERIL!!!

I think it's the "going to bed at 1-2 AM" kick I'm currently on.

ANYWAY, I was really bummed that I had to wake up and get out of bed so I turned on my Pandora Radio... not usually a mistake. Quick Mix is usually my friend seeing as I have a VERY random assortment of musical tastes, there's always SOMETHING I'll be in the mood to listen to.

The following is a list of the songs my internet radio attempted to play for me this morning (before being shut down!).

"Just Say Yes" Snow Patrol
"Love is Waiting" Brooke Fraser
"Marry Me" Train
"Love Never Fails" Brandon Heath
"At My Most Beautiful" REM
"Starlight" Muse
"Must've Done Something Right" Relient K
"Crack the Shutters" Snow Patrol
"Can't Stop Loving You" Phil Collins
"Unfamiliar" The Birthday Massacre

I have words for you, Pandora.
A) How DARE you attempt to use Phil Collins against me this morning! UNACCEPTABLE!!!
B) Good job trying to redeem yourself with The Birthday Massacre.
C) Why you trying to make me feel bad?

It's not working, evil Pandora.

That being said:

Happy Friggin Valentines Weekend. (And yes, I'm supposed to look ill in the picture.)

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