Thursday, February 10, 2011


It's only DAY THREE in the great Facebook fast of 2011?!?!?!?!

This is what I did last night when Justin 1 was over. BECAUSE I WAS NOT ON FACEBOOK!!!

BUT it's not all bad. :)

My cousin Christy was concerned about my lack of Facebookage and texted me last night. She was worried that I was dead, maimed, being tortured, or hospitalized due to my lack of updates. "It's how we keep up with you!"

Awwww. Knowing someone is concerned about you is like a big hug.

I ALMOST broke down and wrote something yesterday. Nothing about me, nothing on MY page, but on a video my friend Keith made and posted. It was THIS video:

I cried. At work. It is seriously one of the most incredible videos I've seen. (And I'm not just saying that because Keith made it.) It was exactly what I needed to hear yesterday. I was wrestling with some stuff. It was like a big hug.

And the hugs kept coming!

I got friggin STUCK in the snow trying to get out of the alley last night. Well, I was trying to get INTO the garage, gave up, and was going to park in front of the house. I called Kristin to come help me and she was down at Scott and Cathy's. She was bringing backup. (Fortunately, Scott and Cathy live a block away.) I was so frustrated. (Kristin said "I knew it was bad. You were very high pitched.") I ripped my purse off in frustration, only to realize it wasn't latched and EVERYTHING went flying. I had finally calmed down by the time help arrived and I got safely parked. Scott, Cathy, Kristin, and Nathan had given me a big hug.

Justin 1 came over last night. We ate Taco Bell (he bought my dinner!) and watched "My Strange Addiction" per our normal Wednesday night. (Minus Justin 2, who was being a PARTY POOPER!!!) We laughed and talked about life. And then laughed more... and recoiled in horror when we watched about the dude who was addicted to eating glass. Bleh. Before Justin left, he really DID give me a big hug.

I got to Skype with Fren last night/this morning. It was only the second time I'd used my Skype. (The first time I used it was with Kristin while she was on the couch, and I was on the loveseat. Because we're cool like that.) Skype is better than a phone call, but still no substitute for REAL face time. But what can you do when there's 60 miles and JOBS that prevent you from hanging out? YOU SKYPE! Hugs via Skype are difficult...

I <3 you, all my friends!!! (Family is included in that too.) Thank you for all the hugs!

I hope you all have a blessed day!!!


  1. I think the first time I heard that song was while I was driving, during our move, and yes, I pretty much lost it, and felt like everyone would know that I had just been crying... But... no one noticed. ;)

  2. I can never decide if it's a good thing or a bad thing when people don't notice you've been crying. Lol!