Monday, February 21, 2011

Back to Work!

This weekend was a good one. I can't complain other than not seeing my family, not seeing Fren, and not getting my haircut.

Other than those THREE HUMONGOUS PROBLEMS, it was a good weekend. (Spontaneous trip to Salina with Kristin and Mom Joleen? Yes please!)

In fact, I was feeling pretty good about myself and things in general last night and into the early morning. Had some good dreams, my meds had kicked in and I was feeling GOOD! (I told Fren last night that I was "One martini short of a 'True Hollywood Story' overdose.)

Look at the colors. All the pretty colors.

I woke up this morning feeling less than thrilled about life. It's my first day back at work since last Tuesday, my hair is beyond it's crisis point, I'm bloated to all get out, and I feel fat.

Self portrait time!

Yes. I look THAT good. Be jealous.

(I'm not really wearing a Bill Cosby sweater, I just wanted to draw something ugly.)

Ok, so maybe I look a little better than THAT, but I'm a real Grumposaurus Rex today so I'm not giving myself any credit.

I KNOW I'm not fat, I KNOW I'm not ugly, but I feel gross.

Maybe when the snot goes away, all this self loathing will go away as well.

In the meantime, I'm going to stare in wonder at my old lady hair and bloated belly.

Oh, and continue to be high on sinus meds. It's sooooooo prettttyyyyy!!!!! All the colorrrrsss!!!!


  1. I like you.
    You are awesome.
    You are my friend.
    You are loved by me... but more importantly GOD... even when you feel icky on the inside and the outside...
    I know you KNOW that... sometimes little reminders are helpful too.
    I think I needed to remind myself of that as well.
    Hope you continue to feel better.