Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Yesterday, after some very tough love (from a BOOK, nonetheless), I decided that change IS going to happen. (In several areas, but especially in the area of my weight.)

I'm not fat by any means, but I have gained more weight than I would like to admit. I weighed 105 until I was 20 years old. I was just a skinny skinny girl for a very long time. Then through a series of stupid life choices, I gained 40 pounds.

Yesterday, I just got flat out MAD so I remembered a workout DVD my boss had given me. (Now, before you think "HOW RUDE!!!" I need to explain that it was one she had purchased thinking it was something else and instead of returning it to the store, she gave it to me.)

The DVD? "Cardio Hip Hop".

I was desperate, people.

20 seconds in, I knew I was in trouble. I was doing some sort of pretzel move with an ab pop and a 360 deluxe.
It was intense. And I discovered why I wasn't a dancer. I am as uncoordinated as they come. My right leg was located somewhere in Zimbabwe, my left leg was in Russia, and my spine was somewhere in the Great White North.

Cordy was watching all this go down from the comfort of the couch. She looked like this:

She was concerned. And so was I. After a grand total of 183 seconds, I stopped the DVD. This was clearly not the workout for me.

Fast forward.

This morning, due to work being cancelled...again... I decided to give the workout thing another try. (Ugh.) I went to the "On Demand" menu on my cable box and surfed for a more suitable option.

Then I found it. The clouds parted and the angels sang. "20 Minute Kick box". So wait... what your telling me is that I can take out pent-up aggression AND I can lose weight? Sign me up! I pushed play and waited for it to start.

Let me just say this, learning how to kick box from a hot guy will ALWAYS make you feel better than learning that you have ZERO ability to dance from a hot lady who acts like she's better then you. *Pfft* Her and her abs. Give me Mr. "You're doing a great job!" any day.

Did I mention he was hot?

Mmm, Phillipe Till. I look forward to our mornings together... until March 14th when "20 Minute Kick box" expires. It's always nice to hear "Kick harder if you can!" "Kick higher if you can!" Oh, I can kick pretty hard and pretty high right now.

It was great. I was a sweaty pig by the time it was done, but I was happy!!!

It feels good to kick things sometimes. (Literally and figuratively.) Now, I just have to stick with it...

And that's a whole other monster, but by golly some thing's gotta give.


  1. 1. Is that pretzle move called the "Twisty Bobcat Pretzle"?
    2. I cannot get Olivia Newton John out of my head!
    3. In this Hip-Hop video, were there any "Double Dream Hands" or did they teach you how to "Dougie" perhaps?
    4. I would really hate to be your left leg... if it's 8 degrees here, can you imagin how cold it is in Russia!?!?
    5. Don't listen to that stupid lady! You CAN dance! I've seen it!
    6. MMMMMMM is right!

  2. 1. No, I think it was called "The Death-zel". But the "Twisty Bobcat Pretzel" sounds just as pleasant.
    2. You're welcome.
    3. There were no DDH or D. I don't know what that crazy cat was doin...
    4. I know, right?
    5. Well, her moves require like 7+ steps, whereas my super sweet booty dance only uses 2 movements.