Thursday, February 24, 2011

Adventures in Laundrying!!!

I was sitting at my new little laptop station, making a "motivational drawing" for Kristin when I heard it.



I hastily removed the poodle that has been firmly affixed to my lap all day and ran into the laundry room.


Nope, against all my hopes, it was NOT quieter INSIDE the laundry room.

The washing machine was ALIVE!!! It was walking towards me! It was going to attack! It was ANGRY!!!

I went into super ninja mode and ran TOWARDS the problem, not away.

I threw the washer open. There was the culprit. I KNEW there was a reason I never washed that blanket.

Seriously. I yanked that thing out of the washer, yelled at it, wrestled it violently and then placed it on the OTHER washer. I wasn't in the mood to deal. I let the comforter keep washing and then I went back to face my enemy.

Even in the washer BY ITSELF it was screaming.


There are no words to describe my rage at that moment.

I JUMPED on top of the washer and sat on it. Let me tell you, the movies lie. It was NOT pleasurable in the least. (If you know what I mean.) It was like riding through a pasture on a 4 wheeler with my brother. I felt like my brain was going to exit my skull at any minute.

It was jarring.

Stupid blanket. It finally got done spinning and I threw it in the dryer. WITH ANGER AND GUSTO!!!

I wanted to stab that stupid blanket. I'm never washing it again, so I hope no one ever vomits on it. If they do, they're going home with a souvenir!


  1. I totally started singing in my head "All you could here was KA-THUNK KA-THUNK KA-THUNK" to the tune of Relient K's "Staples" :)

  2. LOL I always wondered why they always say that- about sitting on the washer thing... i don't get it. (I mean, I DO... but not the whole... pleasure from the washer thing... stupid)

  3. Stupid pleasureless washing machine!!!