Tuesday, December 14, 2010


This morning started out like a lovely day. (Actually, no. Not at all. I woke up all itchy and I had no hot water to shower with....BUT other than THAT, it was semi-okay.) I decided I needed a yummy sausage biscuit from Mac-a-donalds. (That's what my Papaw calls it.) I got in my car and started driving.

The drive was wonderful...until the turn onto Centennial and I got behind someone from Reno county who obviously cannot read speed limit signs. It was 35. We started at 30, 25, 20, somehow by the time we actually turned into McDonalds, we were going 5 mph. And then they decided to order $50 worth of food, asking for full menu options on each item.

At this point, I'm having a panic attack. I'm waiting for my turn in line (the other line was backed up) and creepy McDonalds dude walks past my car with a trash can and a devious grin. (A grin that he happened to be pointing in my direction.)

"OH COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I scream on the inside while soundly beating my steering wheel. (Sorry, Patrick. You're my favoritest car ever. You didn't deserve that.) I'm about to give up on the delightful biscuit that God surely created for my enjoyment when finally it was my turn to order. No drama there! Paid for my food, got my food, pulled around the corner and there was slow van again. "Ok, dude. Whichever way you're going, I'm NOT." (My speedometer wasn't even registering a speed at this point.) I finally get going, get around the roundabout, onto First street. Even more craziness from drivers, are you serious? A SCHOOL BUS just pulled out in front of me! WHAT?!?!?!?!?! (At this point, I'm sure I look like Bernard Black trying to do his taxes.)

It struck me that Someone was trying to teach me patience. Wouldn't it just be easier to teach everyone else in the world to drive properly and adhere to my schedule?


I did simmer down by the time I got to work. In fact, I was laughing pretty hard.

Oh, and the food was good.


  1. I totally understand the sloooooow drivers out there. Unfortunately I was the one running late this morning because I just couldn't get things together..so I was already irritated when I was going out the door. I have to be here by 7:55..and one of my "favorite" bosses pulled in about the same time I did, which was promptly 8:00. So I'm mumbling as I'm walking through the door already, ready for her to make some remark about me being late (again)..I was loaded for bear..just waitin', itchin' for her to say something. Nothing...I'm still waiting for an email (I'm just sure will come) so I can just delete it without even reading it. If I'm prepared for it, it never happens..I think that's almost as irritating as getting reamed for being late. I have a problem, I KNOW this..why everyone feels compelled to REMIND me of such problem is beyond me! Duh, of course I realize how late I am..really?! And yes, I do it on purpose, just so I can have my @*$ chewed out by you...it's what I liiiiive for..can't you see. Whatever dude..I'm so over working for a living..where's the dang rich husband to come wisk me away, drop me off at our wonderful house, give me a kiss goodbye as he goes out the door to work saying, "Do whatever you feel like doing today dear..I will pamper you when I get home tonight, cause I know that you cannot handle life at this time..have fun." :D haha A girl can dream can't she?

  2. Dear Regina,
    I have read your report and I give you an A+! I completely agree with your viewpoint. When you find said man, please ensure that he has a brother for me as well.
    Ms. Hurl