Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Nothing starts your day off on the right foot like a customer busting through the door at 9:05 to verbally assault you.

He wouldn't stop to draw breath. He was using what I'm sure to him are big words like "crucial" and "critical" and "must". Calm down dude. "You need to breathe. It just needs programmed. I need some info first."

See, he wanted to rush in, give me the tongue lashing of my life and then run back out. He was expecting me to get it fixed but he ALSO wanted me to be a mind reader.

Sometimes customers do this really charming thing where they expect you to remember them and everything about their particular case. (The sad thing is that I DID remember this guy because he was such a spaz. I remembered the name, password, and email address for his Palm profile even! But when they're acting like big babies, I like to slow down the pace a little and play dumb.) I wrote very slowly. Taking in each letter and making it look beautiful on my scratch sheet of paper. (I wish I'd had the presence of mind to make a mistake, cross it out, and then start all over on another sheet.)

I REALLY wanted to do THIS: (Fast forward to 0:50, but really the whole thing is hilarious.)

Now, I know I'm making myself look like a horrible customer service representative. But you know, the saying goes "If you go into a place of business yelling at someone on the other side of the counter, how much help do you think you're going to get?"


Just sayin.

After I got the information I needed, he ran out the door. I seriously just needed to hit 4 buttons. It was NOT a big deal. It probably took more time to get the info straightened out than it did to fix the problem that this dude was busting a gut about. (Because he was being less than clear... imagine that)

All that craziness ("I NEED IT DONE YESTERDAY!!!") and then when I called and texted the number he gave me (per his request), I got no response.

Moral of the story: CHILL OUT!!!

(And be nice to customer service representatives!!!)

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