Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Well, I'm blogging today because Liz and Staci miss me. Tee hee! (And I noticed that this would be blog #100!)

I had a good lunch at Amics today with Liz (Staci works there, so that's how I got to score seeing her too) and we talked about my blog. I told her about how I seem to be having a hard time finding where I fit with myself.

One part of me likes to over exaggerate and be sarcastic. One part of me really wants to be positive. (Believe it or not.)

How do you find an inbetween when those two things seem to be so VASTLY different?

I have no answers...

But what I DOOOOO have is a new toy!

A few weeks ago, I put on my Facebook that I wanted to get a drawing tablet. I asked for opinions on which one to get. Almost every one told me to get a Wacom Bamboo. And then I had a friend text me and ask me if I wanted hers.

So, basically through the insane generosity of a friend of mine, I scored a $150+ piece of equipment for free. WOOT!

I got it installed last night (Finally! My netbook doesn't have a CD drive) and I decided to mess around with it since I had the day off. Here's what I came up with.

^^^ That one's me... as if you know another girl on this blog with pink hair...

This tablet makes it look like I'm ARTISTIC!!!

Gotta love technology!


  1. I love your new toy!!!!!

  2. I'm not goign to lie, cordy looks a little sad in that picture, but overall that thing is pretty KICK A$$!

  3. YAY for friends who help out!!! Looks like you have mastered the tablet, your drawings look fabulous! ! :)

  4. They really do look great.

    And I leurve Amics--a lot.