Thursday, March 31, 2011

Interesting Concept...

I got to hang out with my baby brother last night. (Haha. Baby. He turns 24 on
Sunday...) We got to hang out at HIS place! That's right, my brother is a bonafide grown up with a real job and his own place now. *Sniff sniff* So proud. (Ok, I really am, but that was just dramatic.)

We went out to eat at one of our favorite places in town, Tres Amigos. In between stuffing our faces with chips and salsa, we had a conversation about relationships.(We do that a lot.)

I was filling him in on the happenings in my "love life" (hardee-har-har):

"Well, I've been talking to so and so a lot, but you know we're just friends."

"Mmhmm. I know that."

"And I've been talking to so and so, but I'm not really sure..."

"He's a cool guy, you should ask him out."

"I think there are some major things that we differ on though..."

"Oh... Hmmm."

"But then so and so text me out of the blue...""

"I didn't know you liked him!"

*sheepishly* "Yeeeaaahhh... I have for a little while..."


"But I don't want to ask anyone out! I'm a girl. I want the GUY to ask me out! Am I intimidating or something?!?!"

And that's when my brother said:

And I made this face:

And then I had this thought:

(Just kidding.) Well, I really DID have that thought. In jest. I didn't mean it. (Even though I'm not unfortunate looking.)

I then asked my brother, "Well, would YOU go out with a girl who asked you out?"

"Probably not."


Back to square one.

P.S. Guys, don't be intimidated! Girls are just GIRLS!!!


  1. Yep, baby brother speaks the truth (about the intimidating part). It's just a weird guy thing, I guess.

    As far as girls asking guys out, I don't think that's such a big deal (although, most girls I know still say that they prefer the guy to do the asking. Maybe that's just a girl thing).

  2. I've known girls who've asked guys out, but I just personally think it looks like a desperate move. But that's just me.

    I kind of take what I call the "Arwyn Stance" on it. "If you want me, come and claim me. (But nicely. I'm not a piece of meat...)"