Monday, March 14, 2011


If you're asking why I entitled this one "Soup", let me just put all your questioning to rest and answer it with this: I have absolutely no idea. It just sounded like a good idea at the time.

This weekend was fantastic. From start to finish. I have absolutely no complaints. (I mean, there were hiccups here and there, but that's to be expected.)

Friday night, I got to see Fren. Saturday, I got to eat Bella Luna with the roomie, hang with my parents, go to church, see my brother for a few minutes, go see Fren again (and eat WAAAAAAY too much food) and forget about daylight savings time. Sunday, I made a mad dash back to Mac to hang out with my Justin, Libby, and Ryan friends. See, I hang out with Justin all the time, and Libby and Ryan and Justin hang out, but with Libby and Ryan, I had mostly a Facebook frienship. (Even though I had a least MET and CONVERSED with Libby before and I was 99.9% certain that Ryan was a real [and non serial killer] person.) We ALLLLLL got to hang out yesterday.

Let. Me. Tell. You.

The four of us = unstoppable. We are the opposite of unawesome. (For those of you having trouble keeping up with that, it means that we are awesome.)

I had sooooo much fun! Cosmosphere + Freddy's Frozen Custard + Hastings + Driving home in an EXTREMELY UNEXPECTED snow/ice/sleet storm + Board game at Libby's = One heck of an incredible day.

It was great!

(Had there been a tree nearby, cold weather attire, a proper utensil, and a desire to vandalize nature, I am confident this would've happened yesterday.)

It was just fantastic!!!

I went home (after Justin was my knight in shining armor and brushed all the snowy muck off of my unprepared Toyota) and told Kristin of all the wonder and magnificence that I had experienced in the day. Got ready for bed, talked to Fren, decided to watch some Dylan Moran stand up, cried a few tears (approximately 3), felt silly for crying, so I decided to sleep in my newly purchased owl hat. I call it "OwlHat". (Orginality FTW!)

I woke up feeling down. I mean, come on! How do you come off a weekend like that and NOT feel sad because it's Monday?

Even though I was sad, I felt peaceful as I sat up in bed and scooted to the edge so I could get up and go let Cordy out. I just sat there for a minute and looked at myself in the mirror. And I cried again. But just a little.

"Who sleeps in an OWL HAT? Ugh. You're such a weirdo sometimes." (Do you like how I'm not concerned about talking to myself? I'm just concerned about HEADGEAR!!!)

And then I felt that peace again. Like a hug from Jesus.

I like that feeling. It makes things better. (I'm obviously not really a baby person, but I liked that picture.)

I had singing shower times and just as I was getting ready to put on my makeup, I heard it. The 3 piano chords that I do NOT want to hear when I am actively trying to NOT cry!

I lost it. I mean, I made the ugly cry face. It was like 3,000 tears this time.

I looked in the mirror and came face to face with someone I didn't want to see and it broke my heart. I don't want to be this person, but she's looking at me in the mirror.

I'm never going to be the positive girl with the long normal colored hair, perfect teeth, and a great personality. I'm always going to be Katie, the girl with the double chins, pink hair, weird sense of humor, snorty laugh and gas problems. (And let's not forget that I'm the Hyperbole Queen.)

It made me sad to look in the mirror because there I was, begging Katie to love Katie.

And if Ryan, Libby, and Justin had been there, listening to the stupidity pouring out of my mouth, they'd say:

"It's ok. You were born this way."

Friends + use of Lady Gaga lyrics to describe everything = Win.


  1. You WERE born this way.

    That's a good thing, by the way.

  2. Well, as long as Libby says so!!! :P

    Also, I like how I called this one "Soup" and now you need some soup. I don't like that you need it, I just like that... nevermind.