Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sick. Bleh.

You ever wake up at 3:27 am with the distinct feeling that your head has been ripped off and then sewn back on (very poorly)? That was me 6 hrs ago.

Since then, not only does the top of my head, right jaw, right ear, forehead, teeth, and just face in general hurt, my stomach has also started to revolt against me.

It's so bad that I mumbled a "Lord, if any more disgusting substances come out of my body this morning, I'm going to just break down and cry" prayer as I got ready for work. At my job, we don't get paid sick or vacation, and I'm already going to be off Thursday and Friday, so I'm just praying for strength to get through til Thursday.

Being sick is already tough enough without having to worry about money. I hate it. I guess it's just something you have to put up with if you're single and you enjoy your job. (Scratch that, you enjoy the people you work with.) The fact that I didn't get benefits wasn't a problem when I started working here because I was married at the time.

Bleh. Bleh and grr. Grr and bleh and bleh and grr. (How do I really feel? I don't know.)

At least my friend Bern made it through his surgery ok last night, and I'm receiving really fun texts from him since he's doped up. Haha!!! Gives me something to laugh at.

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