Saturday, November 6, 2010

Oy vey!

Sometimes I amaze myself.

Last weekend, my roommate and I changed the lock codes to our house and garage because of some stuff that went down at our Halloween party. There were people who had the code that violated their code priveledges. (I'm starting to sound like my father.)

I thought I had told my brother the new code.

I go to sleep at eleven last night, totally forgetting that my brother was needing to crash at my house. Because my brother and cousin like to text me at all hours and I got sick of being woke up, I put my phone on silent now. Went to sleep, woke up a few times and the green light on my phone was flashing. I usually get about five emails a night, so I just rolled over. I woke up for good about an hour before my alarm went off and I decided to check my Facebook, etc.

I noticed I had three emails, a missed call, and three text messages.

Yeah, I could've sworn I gave my brother the new code. I guess I swore wrong because he had to sleep in his car for about four hours.

I am the worst sister ever!

So, where do I direct my frustration? Me? The people who made it necessary to change the code? My brother for texting me all the time so I have to have my phone on silent?

It's all me, but I think I'll blame it on the code change...

P.S. Good news! My friend doesn't have to have her thyroid biopsied! The cyst has actually shrunk! Woot!

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