Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I know, I know. This is turning into an "OMG DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE BLOG". Not really. It's just my latest CD and I can't stop listening to it.

"Unobstructed Views" is one of those songs that is just so pretty that it makes me cry. It's kind of haunting as well. And those are the best two things that something can be?

I'll admit it. I don't have the GREATEST attitude today but I'm trying. I really am.

It started out OK, and then I took the tone of something my mother said the wrong way (Possibly. I mean, she MIGHT have meant it despite saying "I didn't mean it any certain way.") and then I got to work and my co-workers are at each others throats.

I'm about to stick a flower on my head and go around laughing maniacally.

I just had a grumpy old man come in and bark at me for a "110 volt charger". Being the brain fart that I am on days like this, I had to whisper to Ryan "That's a WALL charger, right?"

How hard is it to indicate "House" or "Car" when asking for a charger? I guess "110 volt" or "12 volt" just sounds fancier.

Also, his name was Dwayne. There are two names in this world that I just cannot stand, and I do not know why.

1) Dwayne
2) Brad

Bradley is perfectly acceptable in some cases, but something about Brad just...bleh. And Chad. Brad and Chad. Not cool. (Now, watch. God's gonna have some INCREDIBLE guy come beboppin into my life and his name is going to be CHAD.)

Anyway, as I was writing the receipt for Mr. Sunshine-110-volt-charger-man, I asked his name. "DWAYNE" was his short and unpleasant reply. I thought for a moment about asking him how he spells his name so I could be sure to write it CORRECTLY on the receipt so he wouldn't think I was dumber than he had already assessed.

"Just spell it 'Dwayne'.", I thought to myself. "I mean, how else would you spell it? D-W-A-I-N? Only a weirdo would spell it that way. And if you ask, he's going to shoot you another death glare."

He handed me his debit card. How was it spelled? "Dwain".

Facepalm. Figures.

Ok. I'ma finish my protein shake, put in some earplugs, and today should be a breeze!


  1. Bradley is perfectly acceptable when it is the name of my car! Woot!
    As for Mr. Sunshine-110-Volt-Charger-Man, I have the same type of people. Some of them are my co-workers! So, yeh.
    Also, now I have a knot in my shoulder blade region.

  2. Well, yes, but I'm not physically attracted to Vehicle Bradley. That would just be...awkward and impossible. *Ponders that last sentence, makes a face, and stops that train of thought.* I'm sorry that my shoulder knot was contagious. :(

  3. Reeeally? Chads are hot. All the time always. Hold on, let me think about it...
    Nope. I don't know a single, hideous Chad.

    Brads are almost always gay (for some reason) but Chads are hot. You live up to your name, that's what I think.

  4. Really? That's scary, because every time I think of a "Katie", I think waaaay too bubbly cheerleader. :(

  5. Honestly, so do I. So it's clearly not always flawless.