Wednesday, June 15, 2011

La Photocabine

Got my chocolate protein shake. Got my Genesis station going.

Nutrition: Check
Phil Collins: Check

I am ready to face the day!

Yesterday, I discovered a website: La Photocabine

La Photocabine is OBVIOUSLY a fancy (non-American) language, and when translated, it roughly means "Awesome waster of time and bringer of much silliness and joy". (I said roughly...)

I mean, maybe I'm just late to the La Photocabine party, but I'm fairly certain it is better than sliced bread.

This was my first one:

I like the range of emotions.

Top left: "Look! I am cute!"
Top right: "Who am I kidding? I am not cute."
Bottom left: "Yeah. Definitely not cute."
Bottom right: "Oh no! People are going to know how not cute I am! My cover is blown."

I had so much fun with the first one, that I decided to drag Cordy in on the fun:

My dog is cooler than your dog. My face is still ridiculous, and that's just how I like it.

Hey! This is awesome! Kristin, come make one!

Ok. We couldn't stop laughing. Fail. Let's try again.

Bottom left: She spit on me.
Bottom right: She realized it.

This is not working! One more time! Also, this booth is so small!

It's a little known fact that Kristin turns into "Emo Cousin It" after ingesting Tres Amigos Mexican cuisine.

Top left: I am concerned for my fate.
Top right: Um.
Bottom left: Look at Kristin, super actress, staying in character.
Bottom right: Aaaaaand she's done. Literal facepalm.

We successed it up in the entertainment department. Go us!

Everyone go try it and send me the results!