Wednesday, June 22, 2011


There is something incredible about sitting at a table. In a restaurant. Surrounded by the best of your friends. The people who will always love you and be there for you no matter what.

There is something EVEN MORE incredible about being surrounded by the best of your friends... in fake mustaches. (I'm just putting up the pictures that I have so far. I'll update once I raid Kristin's camera.)

Libby took these pictures and collaged them. 'Cause she coo. Weren't Justin's mustaches just super cool? And the one perched on the glass was Libby's. She went for the Wilford Brimley look. Just wait til I get a picture of her on here!!!

This was my mustache, but you saw it on yesterday's blog.

(I drew a terribly [in]accurate picture of all of us on Kristin's to-go box.)
From left: Andy, Planet Andy, Rusty, Kiki, Justin, Adam, Me, Libby, Doug, and Staci.

And if Ben Gibbard had been there, he would have looked like this:

Obviously, some of my people were missing. :( But that's just the way it goes sometimes!

(More pictures and stories coming soon!!!)

(Update, 7:45pm)

Kristin was nice enough to bring her camera inside from the outside and let me do this before I leave. PICTURES!!!

Justin's creepin.

Awww! Look at how cute we are! (I TOLD you Wilfred Brimley Libby was awesome!)

My favorite Doug and my favorite Staci! I just realized that Doug was mustacheless. Whaaaa? Way to go, Staci, for keeping with the theme. (Doug, it's ok. We all still love you.)

There should be some pictures of Rusty and Adam here, but they had REAL mustaches, so they didn't need their picture taken. They just would've looked normal. (Also, Adam doesn't read "silly blogs" so why should I reward him for such terrible behavior by putting his picture on my blog?) XD

Hey! Look! It's the famous Andy (with Candy)!!! And my dashing roomie.

Ashlie (who we also didnae get any pictures of, booooo hisss!) found some stick on mustaches, so we were all tryin thems on. This is my Don Juan face.

This is my Katie... but with a mustache...face.

Andy wore my glasses.

Kristin looks like her Dad!!!

Oh ho ho!!!!!

It was a super duper evening! Friends, foods, and false facial fuzz FTW!!!


  1. Alliteration: You has it.

    (Something about Wilford Brimly's cleavage)

  2. i read this.
    you didn't think i would, but i did.
    well, i skimmed it.

    boo yah achieved