Thursday, June 2, 2011

For Your Consideration (This is for You, Joel Houston and JD)

Jonathon Douglass (AKA "JD")

Joel Houston (and friend that I do not recognize.)


Sometimes they are photographed together.

Sometimes they are not.

(A little background for all y'all who are going "Um... who?" Well, if you've missed the FIFTY BILLION BLOG ENTRIES where I referenced Joel Houston... they're from the band Hillsong United. And if you've missed ANY OTHER BLOG ENTRIES, Hillsong United is one of my favorite bands ever. My list goes 1) The Beatles. 2) Hillsong United. 3) All the other bands.)

Dear Joel Houston and Jonathon Douglass (JD),


I am a fan.

A fan of not only you guys, but of Jesus as well. And you sing about Him. And to Him. And that's cool.

I'm not going to say "Hey! I'm 26 and I'm single and I want to marry you." because
A) There's two of you. That's illegal.
B) JD is already married, so that proposal would be grossly inappropriate.
C) I hate it when fangirls are all "OH EM JEEP! MARRY ME!!!!!". It is, again, grossly inappropriate and it smells of desperation. (And I am neither of those two things.)

I just wanted to say hey and that we should totally go shopping sometime. I mean honestly. Have you seen what you wear? RADTASTIC. And if you're ever driving through McPherson Kansas (because I know you do that ALL OF THE TIME), hit me up and we can hang.


Katherine G. Hurl


Note: Most of the pictures taken from Hillsong United Blog. The other one is from Google images. If it's yours and I didn't credit you, I'm sorry!

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