Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stuff: You're Not Doing It Right

(Note: The blog is very exaggeratey today, but I'm trying to make a point.)

I don't know what is going on right now in life, but can I just get a little bit of understanding here?

Let me break this down for y'all, my friends, on a level that certainly EVERYONE can understand:

I am a different sort of person. I have a weird sense of humor, and I am a fan of the hyperbole. This does not, I repeat, DOES NOT make me stupid.

The reason I am choosing to address this is because many people seem to be under this impression these days. Hearing how wrong you are all the time (especially when you're just doing it for a joke) is becoming increasingly annoying.

I was on the phone last night with Fren *SHOCK* and he started playing a word game. "Sweet tea/tea bag/bagpipe" and so I said "pipe cleaner." That's an "out of the box" answer, yet it is still valid, am I right?

Poor Fren. He was only the 50th person who had told me I was "doing it wrong" yesterday. (Family included.) I went off(ish).

(Sometimes the odd dinosaur sneaks in...)

I felt like I was starting to annoy him. But I can't help it! That's just the way I act!

I've done the whole "Please please like me. I promise I'll try to be normal!" thing with way too many people. (And way too recently.) I'm over it.

Recently, I have felt like as soon as a statement leaves my mouth, it gets shot down. (Or otherwise attacked.)

Bottom line: I am weird. I have always been weird, I will always be weird. I will always exaggerate and play up something negative for a laugh. (But I am very VERY lovable if you give me a chance.)

If my style bothers you greatly, tell me and I'll try to tone it down a bit. Otherwise, just as you expect me to extend you some understanding, you might try throwing some my way every once in awhile.

/End rant.


  1. Probably my favorite is about the sky being blue.
    I loves it. A bunch.
    I wanna postersize it.
    "Postersize is not even a worrrrrd!!"

  2. Postersize is the awesomest of all the words.

  3. See Katie, one reason why I like you, is the very fact that you are NOT like every other single, stupid, BORING person out there. You are YOU and, that, is exactly what we love. Just sayin. :) WE NEED TO HANG OUT!!! I am off Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights this week... text me yo.