Monday, May 23, 2011


This weekend was super cool. I got to hang out with Mom and Dad, FINALLY got my hands on a copy of "Aftermath", went to church, got to hang with Bill (my brother suddenly wants to be "Bill" now) and eat lunch yesterday, went to Ashlie's graduation partay, went over to Bill's and chilled some more, then went home and crashed.

The weather has been beautiful the last few days. On nice days like yesterday, I am super glad to live in a small town. You can eat lunch at the park and be pretty much alone. You can stand on a picnic table and take pictures.

Everything is pretty much within walking distance, and if you don't walk, then you ride everywhere with the windows rolled down. You arrive at your destination with rosy cheeks and a new hairdo. What's NOT to love?

(Right now, Miranda Lambert and Joel Houston are duking it out for the title of vocal champion of Mid Kansas Wireless thanks to Ryan. I'm guessing he does not approve of my musical choice and instead of saying something to me, he took the passive aggressive route and just turned his music on instead. TEAM JOEL!!!)

There was something else I was going to say, but I canny remember now. I'm going to blame it on taking a chunk out of my head with my blowdryer this morning...



  1. You took another chunk out of you? You did that yesterday! I'm hoping it is just residual...

  2. Yesterday was neck, today was straight-on noggin contact. Can't wait for TOMORROW!!!

  3. What will Katie remove tomorrow? Tune in next time for another edition of, "Katie Amputates Stuff".

    (That's really gross)

    Also, I'm in the middle of a Sunday Was Friggin' Gorgeous post, too. :)