Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Once upon a time last night, I went to Libby's house. We had decided we were going to watch a movie that she had recently procured from the Netflix place, so I wandered over about 8:30.

I brought cake.

Well, it was leftover from Mother's Day, so it was more like half of a cake.

It wasn't just ANY cake. It was a coconut cake. It was my favoritist cake in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!! (If I ever get ahold of one of these cakes, and I offer to share it with you, you are a special SPECIAL person.)

Lemme break it down for you. This is the cake I will serve at my next wedding. I will have a next wedding JUST SO I CAN SHARE THIS CAKE.

Yes. It is that magnificent. I will risk my future just so I can have a wedding and share this cake with my nearest and dearest.

It is a thing of beauty, this cake.

Ok. You get the idea.

Libby's house. Movie. Cake.

We started the movie while Libby was eating her raviolis. Once the raviolis were said and done, we sat quietly on the couch and watched the moving picture.

About 10 minutes in, I was like "Ummm.... cake?" and Libby was all "OMGGETOUTOFMYHEAD" and we ran to the kitchen. (Ok, she didn't really react like THAT, but that's a fun mental image, Libby being a valley girl.)

(She's gonna kill me for that.)

We went to the kitchen and cut into the cake. "How big a piece do you want?" she asked. And then we got into a conversation about how big of pieces of cake we weren't allowed to partake of as children...

...and we decided that right then was the appropriate time to redeem the past.

We sat back down and resumed the movie, happily digging into the delicious cakey goodness.

About halfway through, I think we both started sensing why Moms are good cake judges. We were in trouble, but we were NOT. BACKING. DOWN.

By the time we were done, we were both regretting our decision pretty hardcore.

What profound statement could possibly express the happy misery we were experiencing at that exact moment?

I had no choice but to agree with my friend as the delicious confection slid down my digestive channel and started to wreak stabby havoc on my stomach.(It tried to trigger my vomitation mechanism, but I successfully kept it at bay.)

So much cake, indeed.

Dear Mom,
You were right all those years. I shall never again violate the unspoken portion rules of cakedom.

Much Love & Etc.

Your Daughter,


  1. I would like to know who the blonde is. The one telling you to have a cake party.

  2. Just a random blonde. Would you like it to be you now that you're blonde again?

  3. I like how the only option for having cake at a party would be a party specifically designated AS a cake party. A birthday party simply wouldn't suffice.

    This is full of so much win that I don't feel like I can express it fully.

    I like my dress. Hooray!

    Also I do not regret the cake. I haven't eaten much in the hours since the cake but I still don't regret it.