Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Adevntures in Dieting!!! (Take 2)

Ok. Yesterday, I started a new weight loss plan. (Again)

High protein
Low carb
Minimal gluten intake

Yesterday morning, I ate a scrambled egg and some fiber cereal with skim milk for breakfast. For most people, this is not revolutionary. For me it is because I haven't really eaten breakfast since I was 12. It hurt my tummy to eat that early in the morning. (I was just feeding it the wrong stuff, but that's neither here nor there.)

After that breakfast, I felt very good! Lots of energy. And I didn't even want any lunch until at LEAST 1:30. At that time, I ate half of a protein bar. I snacked on a few peanuts around 4:00.

After I got home (after 6:30ish), I went on a walk around my neighborhood. Fortunately for ME, guess who lives in my neighborhood? LIBBY PARKER!!! (Rynie does, too, but I didn't get to see him.) I stopped to catch a breath and said hi to my pal. (She was making french fries. I hadn't experienced that level of jealousy for QUITE awhile, let me just tell you.) After a good visit, I returned home and made another egg (this time with some black bean and corn salsa) for dinner. I went to bed happy in the tum tum area. (I wasn't bloated or gassy, which for me is quite the feat.) TMI? Get over it.

I sat in my bed and did some surfing of the internets and before I knew it, I was out like a light. I had "gone to bed" looking semi adorable in my summer jammies and I had my hair all pulled back.

I must've slept very well last night, because for some reason, I felt it necessary to sleep ALL over my bed. (Even though I became single again over 2 years ago, my body still feels the need to stay on the right side of the bed.) I don't know why I was all over the place.

I had the craziest dreams last night. Jim Sturgess was involved, so it wasn't ALL that terrible. And I think Fren, Kristin, Libby, and Justin all showed up for some reason. It was fun. I don't remember any particulars though, so that's sad. I remember that in-between dreams I was fighting my body pillow, Manfred Von Pillowhoffen. (Kristin bought it for me last year because I was sad sleeping alone. How sweet is that?) I was WRESTLING and KICKING and BEATING that thing in my sleep. I don't know why.

I woke up this morning looking like a monster truck.

Obviously, the only cure was going to be a hot shower and oatmeal.

Mmmmmmm!!! Just what the doctor ordered. (No makeup and no hair did. Yeah. It's hawt.)

I was happy as a king, just sitting there with my pup and eating my oatmeal.

It's the simple pleasures in life, folks.

Hopefully I can keep this up. I enjoy feeling better, and looking better (hopefully) so I'm sure I will be able to continue with this.

(And Mom is making me FISH for dinner tonight. JACKPOT!!!!!)


  1. Baked french fries, Katie. Baaaked french fries. :)

  2. I know! But I was soooooo jealous of the potatoey-goodness!!!!