Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's Ok To Be Interested, Just Stop Being Nosey!

Can we take a moment to talk about compliments/nosiness today? K, thanks.

Never underestimate the power of a compliment. Never underestimate the power of saying something nice to someone instead of saying something not as nice.

Which would you rather hear? (And these are both true things I have had someone say to me at work.)

"You look very nice today! Is it a special occasion?"


"You look normal! What's wrong?"

(OK, that wasn't a fair example because the second one really DID make me laugh.)

I think we'd all rather hear that we look nice vs. thinking that if you look like a normal human being, people are ready to throw you in hospital.

This morning, I had a long time customer tell me "Wow! You're looking really skinny these days! You need to eat a sandwich." (I guess he really meant it, because he brought me breakfast this morning.)

Now, let's dissect the first part of that comment. "Wow! You're looking really skinny these days!" That can either mean 1) "Dude. I was wondering when you'd slim down. You were looking quite porktastic there for awhile." or 2) "Whoa! You are really looking nice!" Let's hope the person on the receiving end of that comment takes it as the 2nd option, as I did. Also, let me add that the "You need to eat a sandwich." was uncalled for. He should have just stopped at the first statement.

In saying the above, I feel that I also need to point out that I don't need your advice on my personal life either.

"Who's that on your wallpaper?"
"That's me and my best fren."
"Is he GAY?"
"NO! What the heck-"
"Is he your BOYfriend?"
"No. He's-"
"Because he isn't."
"Is he stupid?"
"What the? No! Why are you-"
"Because if he isn't stupid, he'd be dating you."
"You should ask him out."

(All of the above is an actual conversation I had with someone on Saturday, minus the "GOOD DAY!"s... but that would've been awesome.)

I don't remember how I threw that customer off the trail. I think I made something up about me having a real boyfriend. (That's right, folks. Renaldo is baaaaack!)

The point is, I shouldn't have to justify my dress or my personal life to customers. I love (most of) you dearly, but please keep your pointers to yourself. It's exhausting.

...But feel free to bring me breakfast and tell me how smokin' hot I am. I mean, who DOESN'T like food and extolment first thing in the morning?


  1. 1. I feel the same way about the "You look very nice today! Is it a special occasion?" comment as I do the "Wow! You're looking really skinny these days! You need to eat a sandwich." Do I have to have a special occasion to look nice? And what do I look like every other day, ground pork? You can leave the last part of thank you!

    2. I really wish you would have said "I. SAID. GOOD. DAY!" That would have been kickawesome!

    3. Tell Renaldo I said hello.

  2. I second the awesomeness factor of the "I. SAID. GOOD. DAY!" line. I'm imagining you standing upright, pointing your finger in the air, and sternly shouting this with a thick British accent.