Friday, May 27, 2011


I seem to have come down with the unfortunate sore throat/ sinus crud that my mom and brother have/had.

Maybe it's just allergies...

Bottom line: throat hurts. Nasal passages are dripping.

I had yesterday off, so I pretty much relaxed. Matthew and Keith came over to pick out my costume for filming on Saturday, and then I had a nail appointment at 3. That's it. I felt pretty good, and then as the day went on, I felt bleh.

My hair looked like this yesterday:

Perfectly acceptable. Not bad hair.

But you know me, I get bored. Especially since I'm GROWING MY HAIR OUT. I am a restless person. I've got to push through this.

I've been reading Hair on the Brain a lot lately, and I decided "Hey. If they can do all that stuff, I'ma try it!" I mean, granted, a lot of it looks dumb, but they somehow pull it off. I'm sure I couldn't pull some of the looks off, but I thought I would try at least one:


I had the good fortune to be born to a cosmetologist, so any time I wanted my hair done, all I had to do is say "Hey, Mom..." and she'd roll it for me before bed.

Not the case last night. I was on my own.

I could do this.

To prove my point, I made a bunch of "tough girl" faces...

Obviously, I am not a "section the hair off, and use a rattail comb to section off individual pieces of hair to roll" girl. I am a "grab a nice size clump of hair and just wrap it around the roller" girl.

After the hair was rolled, I hit it with a bit of hairspray. The next step was my favorite: I slept.

I had weird dreams, and I woke up with a roller digging into my left shoulderblade having falled off in the night, but other than that, it seemed to work well.

I was a tad disappointed and worried when the curlers first came out.

But then I shook it out.

(Cool action shots, huh?)

That made it a little better.

So then, I put my bangs back and put a flower in it.

Woo hoo!!!

Cordy looked worried.

I did my makeup, and put on a cute dress. Yay for dressing up for work!

Let's see the mailman come in TODAY and tell me I look boring!!! Mwahahaha!!!

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  1. Miss Katie, are you really growing out your hairs?
    I want to grow out my hairs but I'm getting so very, very bored with them that all I can think about is cutting it all off--all of the times.

    Do you want to be my hair-growing equivalent of a workout buddy?