Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rando (AKA "Sugar Induced")

I don't know why, but this video made me laugh soooo hard this morning. (I'm going to blame it on too much sugar, being awake too early, and hanging out with my brother Bill too last night...) I < 3 that Joel Houston guy.

So, yeah. That was video time for the day. Hope you enjoyed it. Bye!!!

Just kidding.

Climb aboard the Random Railroad, and let's see what else we can discover!!!

Sometimes, I draw on pictures of animals.

This is my dog Cordy. You may have heard of her before. Kristin took this picture while she was waiting on me to come home one day, but I drew on it and then I thought I would send it to Fren, but I didnae. Because he was in CA having fun, so I didn't REALLY want him to come home. That sounds harsh. What I meant was "I wanted him to stay there. And have the fun. And come home at his leisure." which is exactly what he did.

Moving on.

This is Mosey. He belongs to Doug & Staci (of Cinco de Mayo fame). He is probably my third favorite dog. (Next to Cordy and Ellie, of course.) I saw him smiling in this picture and I couldn't resist putting my own spin on it. I don't think he minded. I think Doug & Staci laughed... I think...

This is "Random Cat". I found him online. I'm also discovering that if I was a real artist, this would be a part of my "Top Hat Period"... because apparently, I had a compulsion to draw a top hat on every animal I saw at that time.

This is from that one time that Cordy robbed a bank and was a super greedy face about it. Goodness knows I never saw a dime of that money. Also, why did I draw a sign that says "West" when in relation to where that picture is taken, it is most DEFINITELY pointing East? But I guess y'all never would've known that...

This is Fluffy. She belongs to Mom and Dad's crazy neighbors. Again with the top hat? I gotta get more creative.

And now, for something even differenter:

As you may recall, I am in a weird(er) mood today.

A guy called in to work this morning, asking for Ryan. Well, it's Ryan's day off and this guy was annoyed by this fact. I could hear it in his TONE. I felt the distinct desire to say "Don't take that tone with me!" like our mothers do when we're kids... or 26. ANYWAY, I did not like this guy. So as I wrote the note for Ryan, I wrote the guy's name down wrong. I wrote his name as if he was a swamp monster. (I basically threw in a different vowel.)

The original draft of the note:

But then I had the mental picture of this happening:

And I didn't want the GROGSCHOFFORR to come and attack my co-worker with his unbridled rage. (Aren't I kind?)

So I rewrote the note.

And with that, I bid you good day.


P.S. I have decided I am going to marry an Australian.


  1. I am certain that Cordy is the cutest damn bank robber this side of the Mississippi!

  2. Marry and Australian? ;)

    I LOVED the Grog Schoffor part.

    And yes we laughed at the Mosey picture and we continue to do so!

  3. Ooooops. Marry AN Australian. I was so intent on spelling Australian correctly.