Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oh, Honeys.

This vlog is extremely girlie. And not for the faint of heart... or boys. YOU. HAVE. BEEN. WARNED.

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  1. "You are terrible at applying makeup." --So true, I was so mad at my mom for making me wait until I was 16 to wear make up. But by then, I'd had years and years and years of watching her and I'll say that I never did look like too much of a weirdo. I mean--everyone looked like a weirdo back then but not an exceptional weirdo.

    "Go with your gut instinct. If you feel like something's wrong, don't do it. If you feel like something's right, ease into it."
    BEST. ADVICE. EVER. I love this, so much.

    But I do have questions...
    what's it like to grow up as a boy???