Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Eleven on Tuesday: Music Edition

I TOTES stole this from Libby. But in my defense, I told her I was going to, so that makes it OK.

1. Do you listen to the radio in your car? If so, what type of station do you like?

It depends on how long I'm going to be in the car. If I'm just heading to work, it's usually on KLOVE or 93.1 or The Brew. It's been The Brew mostly these days because every time I get in my car, they're playing "Owner of a Lonely Heart", and anyone who knows me knows I LOVE me some Yes. (SOMETIMES, I listen to country. But not very often.) When I go to Wichita on the weekends, I put my MP3 player on random and I have everything from The Monkees to Metallica on that baby. I AM AN ECLECTIC PERSONALITY!!!

2. What is the best concert you have ever attended?

Well, the concert I liked the best and had THE MOST FUN at was the I Heard a Lion show a few weeks back, but I don't know if that counts? (I am waaay looking forward to future Royal shows as well.) If IHAL doesn't count, then I'm going Switchfoot. JP took me one year when they were at the Kansas State Fair. I still have the tickets. It was delicious.

3. What is the most embarrassing concert you have ever attended?

*Whispers* Nickelback. But don't tell nobody. My friends HAAATE Nickelback.

4. If you could have the singing voice of anyone in the world, who would it be?
Well, mine isn't bad, I'm just bashful. If I HAD to pick someone else, I'm going to be super duper non-creative and go Adele. Or Grace Helbig. Girl's got some PIPES! (Tee hee.) OOOOOHHH! No. Wait. Joanne Hogg. Definitely Joanne Hogg. Hands down.

5. You’re auditioning for American Idol. What song do you sing?

This is actually a question that I have given some thought to (which is just SILLY). I think I'd have to go with "Someone Like You" by Adele or "Cosmic Love" by Florence and The Machine or "Paris (Ooh La La)" by Grace Potter and The Nocturnals. (If we ever get a Kareoke machine, the last two will be my numbah one jamz.) Don't laugh. I can legit sing these songs. I just elect not to. (I'm a shy girl!!!)

6. If your previous weekend had its own soundtrack, what would be a few of the songs?

Oh dear. I have no idea. I'll have to say "Sewn" by The Feeling (Libby was there for that one.), and "As We Go Along" by The Monkees. OH! And "Turning Tables" by Adele. The first and last of these songs would have you think I am unhappy with a boy or something. OH! "Electric Feel" by MGMT. OH! J/k. I'm done.

7. Most annoying television show theme song ever:

"7th Heaven". I have nightmares about that song.

8. Are you and your significant other music-compatible?

Well, seeing as I do not have a significant other at this time, I'm going with "Yes". Because my imaginary boyfriend and I are compatible in EVERY. WAY.

9. A song that brings me back to middle school:

I wasn't allowed to listen to mainstream radio when I was growing up, so I'd have to say (again) anything by The Monkees. (Geez, I am a broken record. An unchanging person.)

10. A song that brings me back to high school:

I was 17 when I started driving and I could *GASP* listen to "SECULAR MUSIC"!!! (I had to punch the radio in my '87 Chevy Nova to get it to work, but it did!!!) I have two songs that take me back: "The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World and "All My Life" by Foo Fighters. On the self-mutilation front of my high school years, it was all about "When I'm Gone" by Three Doors Down. *Shudder*

11. A guilty pleasure song:

"Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi. (As a rule, I hate Bon Jovi.)


12. Song you crank up and sing along EVERY TIME you hear it:

"Sunday Bloody Sunday" by U2.

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