Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Let's Talk About...


Let’s talk about how she’s going to be weirded out and possibly annoyed that I’m devoting an entire blog to her, but how I’m going to do it anyway.

I first met Libby online, which is how all good and non serial-killer relationships should begin. At first, she was just a girl who posted on my friend Nickie’s statuses and made me laugh. REALLY HARD. I was all “This girl. This girl is a treasure.”

(Example of this treasure: I just sent her a text that said “What are we? ‘Sex and the City’?” and her reply involved not only the need for better footwear, but also more ladylike drinks instead of the beer and whiskey we both adore so much. WINNER.)

The first time I saw her, she was working at Walmart and talking to Nickie. We were introduced. We were shy. (We’re both that way sometimes.) That eventually led to a LEGITIMATE Facebook friendship. (Yes folks, it’s 2012. Facebook is a LEGITIMATE friendship tool.)

Now, to hear her tell this story, she was the one who thought I was awesome. It was a mutual feeling of awesome and ooeygooeyness. I assure you.

After being friends on the FB, we (Libby, Ryan, Justin, and I) decided to actually hang out face to face on Sunday and our lives have never been the same. For the better. I can’t imagine what life would be like if I hadn’t met them.

There’s a hilarious story about our friendship last summer, but I don’t have clearance or the words to properly convey it. Let’s just say if put in a position like she was last year, any lesser person would’ve stabbed me in the eyes, set me on fire, scooped my ashes into a trash bag and disposed of them in a ditch somewhere. You think I’m exaggerating? I’m not. That. Girl. Has. Grace.

Having a bad day? Libby brings chocolates.
Having a pity party? Libby keeps it real. In love, of course, but she doesn’t let you get away with anything.
Having a REAL party? Libby will bake something delicious.
Having a freak out crisis time? Libby will make you feel better but not in an annoying way.
Having a boy confusion? Libby reminds you that we’re just all people, regardless of our genders.
Thinking about causing real, bodily harm to someone? Libby will talk you out of it, but support your reasoning 85-100%.
Need a truthful opinion that won’t scar you for life? Libby’s got one.

I just love her.

If I could have as much kindness, wisdom, grace, and awesomeness as her left pinky finger, I’d be doing good.

That is all. <(O_o)>

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  1. <(O_o)>
    I gotchu.

    Also... I was never even remotely tempted to cause any amount of harm to you, silly. I need my Katie in bodily form, not in a trash bag.