Monday, October 11, 2010

Nitty Gritty

Ok. I'm making an absolute decision to keep up with this blog. No ifs, ands, or butts. (I don't even know if there's supposed to be apostrophes there. I don't even care.)

I've made about 10 of these little things through the years and I always give up on them. Mostly because things get too depressing or negative or boring so I just start over. I guess I think that if i start over, it's like none of those things ever happened in my life and it makes me feel better about myself. The issue though is that those things DO happen and I'm doing myself a disservice by attempting to white them out.

So, here's the dirt. I'm 25, I've been officially divorced for almost a year, I'm still single, my Mom was just diagnosed with breast cancer, and I have a very unhealthy relationship with food.


Well, it's not pretty at all, but this is me. (I'm hoping it's just a phase.)

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