Tuesday, February 14, 2012


On this Valentine’s Day, I pledge to be happy. To be happy where I’m at, and to be happy for all the Valentines around me.

Sure, it’s easy to get all bummed out and feed into the whole “Singles Awareness Day” hype, but come on. There are 364 other days in the year (365 in 2012) to be all mopey because you don’t have someone in your life. Actually, scratch that. You have people in your life. You just don’t have the one person that you want in the one capacity that you want them in. I have plenty of people who love me. Why should I get down just because I don’t have someone to fall asleep with? Not to mention that I know plenty of couples that sleeping is the only thing they LIKE doing with the other person.

You can get happy in the same pants you get depressed in.

People are people. No one will ever make you 100% happy 100% of the time so stop looking for it! YOU determine your outlook on life, not your relationship status! I really hate the whole “You complete me” line. How about “Hey. I like being around you most of the times. I think my life might be a little more enjoyable with you in it. Let’s be together till we get old and die, like our grandparents did.” Now THERE’S a statement I can get behind.

Today, I will be happy for my friends receiving flowers. Goodness knows they deserve them!! I will look around at all the husbands and boyfriends buying their significant others flowers and candies and thank the Lord that one day I might have a thoughtful man of my own. (But mostly I’ll just say “AWWWW!!!” really loud when I think of how pleased their lucky ladies will be.)


  1. I think that the reason that getting bummed on Valentine's Day upsets me so much is because it just perpetuates this idea that I need someone else to do the work of satisfying me. That I can't make myself happy and I'm not good enough on my own.

    I hate to think that I have friends who are sooooo anxious to accept that. I'm not just saying that because I'm one of the girls with a bunch of pretty flowers. I'm saying that because I've said it for years and I believe it to be true.

    We can make ourselves happy. And we should. We should not lay that burden on anyone else's shoulders.


    I like being around you most of the times, let's hang out until we get old. Deal?