Saturday, February 11, 2012

Child Vs. Adult Reactions

I was up sick at 4:30 this morning and for some reason, in my delirium, my mind wandered back to a birthday of mine.

I think it must've been my 12th or 13th, I can't remember for sure. It was one of the awkward stage birthdays, I know that much. (You know, the awkward stage that I've in since 1997? Yeah. That one.) We were at homeschool skate (cue laughter) and for some reason, they thought it was really cool to announce birthdays and make you skate a lap by yourself while "Happy Birthday" played over the loud speakers.

Of course, as SOON as I caught wind of my "friends" plans (I'd say they were more like traitors), I hightailed it to the bathroom. The problem with being at a skate event is that your feet are usually strapped into some type of wheeled shoes and this, of course, makes it very difficult for you to dig in your heels and put up a fight. I was dragged, "kicking" and screaming to the floor and tossed over the threshold. I was completely thrown off balance, so not only was I in the number one place I did NOT want to be at that moment, I was flailing my arms about like a crazy person and trying not to fall.

As I was laying in bed this morning, still cringing at the embarrassing memory, I thought to myself "How could I have reacted differently?" and my wise 27 yr old answer to my past self?

"You should've just fallen down and played dead."

And that's how we solve problems in adult land. If it's potentially embarrassing and/or unpleasant, just fall over and pretend you're no more.

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